Day One: Back to School

Although we were all a little hesitant to head back, the kids seemed to have a great first day of school, even if I only have sketchy photographic evidence of it.

As always, my children weren't really on board with me getting even one photo of them all together. They don't believe in that. Azia & Zoran were game for anything, Israel was annoyed and ready to walk to school more than an hour before it started and was impatient. He wanted to leave as soon as everyone was waking up. Lex needed a little additional time waking up and wasn't ready to immediately be involved in anything except a few giant plates of huckleberry pancakes. Dev thinks it's silly and annoying if I ever want to take pictures where I need people to cooperate at all, so he just told Israel to leave and Lex was still wrapped up in his blanket.

So, our group picture is a sort of collage:

Israel did some checking of his morning messages before leaving, Zoran enjoyed some pancakes, and Lex continued to sleep while everyone else started their day.
About three hours later Lex did get up and decided to measure himself like all the other kids did in the morning.  When he scooted up to the measuring chart he saw the big "3" right in front of his face and told me he was three inches. I explained to him it was three feet, and he told me that was just silly: "People don't have three feet, Mom! Look I have two, you have two. . . everyone only has two! What are you talking about three feet?"

I suppose he does have a point, though he may tell people for the immediate future that he is three inches tall.

Zoran discovered it was sort of hard to remember how to tie up those new shoes after not wearing any shoes at all for three months!
We stopped at the end of the driveway to take a couple pictures and Zoran turned around and started peeing in the field. Hopefully this socializing  & moving back to civilized days isn't too abrupt.

When I couldn't even get the kids to look at me for a picture I decided to take my favorite new shoes and backpack feet shot. . . and then I realized none of the shoes (except Zoran's) or backpacks are even new. Oh well.
 We found some friends and couple cousins once we arrived at school. Maysa & Paisley were getting there the same time we were.
Zoran and Azia were both really excited to go back this morning. It made the day so much better.

Zoran told me last night his two favorite days of the year were the first and the last. The last was quite a lot better, but the first wasn't too bad because there was always a little bit of discovery and not too much work.

We're going to work on not being so against the work part, but a little bit of discovery is a pretty good thing to hope for every day.

On to day two.


  1. Beautiful! Especially the last picture. Amazing light. Found you via CSI Project.

  2. great capture of the first day back! visiting from CSI!

  3. What a wonderful idea! I love that you captured the real first day, grumpy teen and all.

  4. Congrats you won in the CSI Photography Challenge. Email me to claim your prize!