163: no one should have three laundry baskets of unmated socks

I've been taking three hour breaks in the middle of my real work to put away laundry. For like three days now. I suppose this is what happens when you don't put it away at all for nearly a month. I can get to the washing and even the folding, but putting it away just seems overwhelming. The result is that every counter in the laundry room is stacked nearly to the ceiling and my kids closests are largely empty and totally disorganized.

Next week I'm getting rid of 50% of the clothes and locking up all that remain (beyond two pair of shorts and a swimsuit for each household member) for the summer. Maybe they can keep their winter coats and rainboots, since that's mainly the sort of summer weather we're having now.

But first I'm making them mate these socks (because it is the worst job ever). When they finish we will also lock up all these till school starts. No one needs socks in summer. 

The next step is to get to work on my invention "the sock." I really think there should only be one sock you can buy. It would stretch to fit any foot from newborn to adult, and they'd all be the same color so every one would match. I've been planning to invent & market The Sock for about ten years now but I've been too busy mating socks to get around to it.

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