Day 321: cutting the cake

My cousin Adam got married & of course at weddings it's tradition to cut the cake.

I've been to quite a handful of Montana weddings but I'm pretty sure this is the first one where they cut the cake with a chainsaw!

I wish the photo was better. I just turned around (into the sun) when I heard him start the saw. Still, it fits right with what I was thinking last week about how every time I go to wedding these days  the whole ceremony seems just right. The ceremonies are widely diverse, but for each couple, at this point in their lives, it seems just right. Adam cutting his cake with his chainsaw? Just right.  (But don't worry, his beautiful bride also got her beautiful cake--up there right beside this one--cut with a regular knife.)

(And as an impressive side note, when he was done that cake was actually cut into normal, square, cake-sized pieces. It's possible he's more skilled with that saw than I am with a regular kitchen knife.)


  1. Wow, and to think that I missed my cousin's son's wedding just two weeks ago in Montana...if I'd only known what I was really missing!

    I think the backlighting really does add to this thing you don't see every single day.

    Is that a Mater cousin cake?

  2. Cutting the cake with a chainsaw--that's gotta be a first. I love how people are injecting more of their personalities into their weddings these days.

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