Day 322: catching up

Or at least I'm trying to.  All I got done today was the folding and dispersing of my entire laundry room full of clean laundry. (Really, it was full. Easily more than a dozen loads of laundry, and I haven't even got to the putting away part.)

There were five ambulance calls within a 14-hour stretch where I was planning to get things around the house, cleaned, and possibly sleep.

None of those things happened. I keep thinking one of these days I'm going to have more time. I thought that might be when everyone went back to school. Now I'm thinking maybe it will be when the majority of our ambulance crew gets back from fires so we have more people around to cover all these calls. 

I've given up on getting my yard presentable. I plan to just burn everything soon and start over again next year.  But I really need to get this laundry put away.

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