196: Lounging at the Lake

It's the beginning of our family kayak fleet. We just need a few dozen more boats.


194: just a regular old relaxing Sunday

(And this is her newborn size swimsuit. Apparently she hasn't grown quite as much in the last 11 months as I thought!)

193: busy summer Saturday

Such a fun, crazy day! Azia is 12 today!

We started the morning at the Missoula Kids Marathon. After Zoran and Lex ran, we were back over to the softball fields for Azia's game. After the afternoon game, Azia had cupcakes with her team,  slightly destroyed tie-dyed cupcakes she made last night that sort of survived the morning and riding to Missoula with Lex, but birthday cupcakes still. She wanted Chinese food for her birthday lunch and then we took everyone over to Splash Montana to cool off. Azia was off sliding with her friends and girls from the team so I didn't actually see her much (so I have a picture of Zayda the fish who loves the water!)

When we got home in the evening the kids were ready for more swimming at the Dam, Azia & Jenna were bike riding and planning outfits for church in the morning, and after some moon watching and more ambulance calls,  I was pretty excited about not having to get up early in the morning. Another busy week ahead!


192: Last weekend of softball!

The state tournament started today. So, once again Azia will spending her birthday tomorrow on a softball field! At least this is one of her favorite things to do and she gets to spend it with girls she likes hanging out with.

This is her last weekend of softball and Israel has just one more week. The first of August will be the first time in months we have a few days is a row with nothing scheduled (rather than multiple things in different towns nearly every single day). Hopefully I'll have time to get our lives organized a bit before school starts again.


191: facepaint makes daily chores more interesting

Or it's just another way to avoid them completely. 

I came home from the store today and found Lex and Azia sitting at a little table of the middle of the kitchen painting each other's faces. The kitchen wasn't very clean, but they sure looked festive.