87: "Hey is my sister in there?"

Azia has been so busy lately–practicing with two softball teams, practicing everyday with a group of sixth graders who are playing in a basketball tournament this weekend, doing a pretty good job keeping up with all her schoolwork and projects. Today she went from school to basketball, to softball, to jiu- jitsu, and then home to work on her movie project.

Now if I could only convince her to fill in annoying band practice time sheets... repetitive paperwork and bookkeeping tasks are not a strong point for any of my children. I do not think they are on a path to being helpful administrative assistants. (Azia's lowest grade is in band because she can't remember to keep the practice log; I think once in September Zoran wrote down time on his reading log.) Clearly these sorts of tasks are not my strength either since I can't seem to follow through on making my children get them done. (My excuses: There are so many of these kids! And so many logs for so many different tasks!) I've compensated for my flightiness in this area by having a job where others will do much of this for me at work...now if only someone would supply an employee to handle all my home office paperwork deadlines.


86: some day I'll have a window seat

If I ever get to build a house, a real window seat is on the top of the list of features I'd like to have. Our house just has wide windowsills but I've had dozens of kids who spent dozens of hours playing in this window over the last decade. Especially when it's too wet or cold to have the tiniest people outside for very long, they love sitting here while they play. I think it's the next best thing to actually being able to be outside.


85: There is so much I love about this picture

A whole line up of 9-10 year old girls outside in the sunshine working at something new--focused on a task that requires them to be strong and smart.

Last year's hometown, all-state pitcher, showing up and volunteering to help out a group a decade younger than herself– not the way every college student spends spring break.

All these little girls with their older siblings' mitts...already a handful of years of experience with the game even through they are just beginning to play themselves.


84: flippin'

Because he hasn't had any new obsessions lately....

(He tells me he'll master the backflip in time for the Spring choir concert. I guess there's some sort of Footloose number that really needs this move.)


83: First Practice

Since our field turns into a garbage pit overgrown with weeks over the winter, the first practice is a clean up and weeding sort of occasion. (Clearly they're all excited for the season to begin...and also work much more diligently when I don't have my camera out.)


82: First Weekend of Spring

We left 85 degree sunshine and palm trees and came back to Montana for the first weekend of spring.

Wonder how many more of these snow days we have left before July?