You Capture: Youth

Youth. I spend most of my days surrounded by youth, but I find my definition of what that actually means is always changing.

It used to just be these little people.

Then one day I realized my high school students began to seem pretty youthful. A couple years ago I realized I was referring to the college students as "kids."

Lately I've been really amazed at how youthful my mom is. Who knew grandmothers could be so young?

More and more it seems behavior rather than age that urges me to think of people as youthful.

But it's still those very behaviors that some of the youngest people I know do so well that seem to keep people youthful:

always being ready to try new things, to figure stuff out

constantly solving problems and figuring out how to do things you've never done before

and of course, one of the most important qualities of youth:
 always being ready to head off on a grand adventure. 



  1. I'm laughing at that last one! Grand adventure indeed. =>

  2. and what a grand adventure it is! I just love that last shot.

  3. Oh my goodness...what a great selection of captures. I'm having a hard time picking a fav, but I really like the camera pic. :)

  4. I LOVE everything about this post. What you said, how you said it and all the great pictures. Really, really perfect.

    And I'm still snorting over your last shot.

  5. I love the first photo and your last one is just hilarious. I think I have the same problem, as I get older I definitely regard youth as a changing phenomenon. Great post this week.

  6. I was thinking how poignant this is, and then I saw that last shot and laughed out loud. =^)

  7. Great shots this week & Ha, we have the same bar stools :)