Day 107: A couple reasons Old Town is not the best place for shopping

Photo by Dev...I think he forgot to tell me we were making faces. Or maybe I wasn't listening. Or maybe this is a new smile he's trying out.
Dev and I spent the afternoon & evening in Old Town. There are so many little shops with beautiful art for sale. I really want one of these pressed tin mirrors. (Like the one we are looking into in this photo but that you can't actually see at all.) I wanted one last time we were here, too. Someday I'll have money to buy one and a way to get it home. Dev likes expensive sculptures and three-dimensional wall art we also cannot afford to buy or transport. This is one of the reasons this isn't a great place for us to go shopping.

I tried to convince him since we couldn't afford art we should get him some real of the great authentic southwest wardrobe choices you can buy here...preferably something with leather fringe. I found him both a coat and multiple footwear options. He found some nice shirts for me....beautiful Indian princesses near rivers in moonlight and things. I told him even though they're usually marketed more for the men I'm really more into the wolf shirts. Surprisingly they had some of those, too. But then I decided if I was going to purchase a wolf shirt I'd do it on amazon so I could revisit the phenomenon of review writing for this amazing item.

Eventually we left our new wardrobe choices behind and spent too much of our money on all sorts of delicious Mexican food and drinks. Probably a better choice. There are only so many hours of my life I can spend in the presence of middle-aged white men with ponytails selling Indian goods. This is another reason this isn't a great place for us to go shopping. 


  1. Oh that wolf shirt review on Amazon is amazing! Thank you for sharing. I'll have to show it to Dirk in the morning. He'll love it. His mom still tries to buy him shirts like that and we always laugh hysterically over them!

  2. Isn't that crazy? My friend Shane clued me into it a year or so ago. It’s a bizarre sort of national creative writing game….more than a thousand people have joined in.

  3. Oh, this made me laugh. I always love the authentic Indian shops in California tourist towns, which are ALWAYS run by middle-aged white men with pony tails!! I am sometimes tempted to buy my children some of the more amazing "authentic" items to bring to their cousins! :)