Day 106: Traveling

Flying. . . just one small bag, no liquids, no lines, no children...not too bad.


  1. Sounds wonderful! Have fun at Wicked! Okay- so I was saying the price was not justifiable for me for the cricut b/c of all the extra costs, but the silhouette lets me cut heat transfers for fabric and cuts vinyl. One of my favorite thing to do for gifts was making shirts or something where I would meticulously cut out a pattern form freezer paper and use fabric paint. It would take hours! The silhouette makes it 100 times easier. Plus you can design your own things to cut out and can get lots for free and only buy one at a time so you don't have to pay $60 for a cartridge then only want one or two shapes... anyway- those are my justifications ;)

  2. Enjoy! I vaguely recall what it was like to fly or swim without holding at least one child. It does seem like it was much simpler then.