Too much time this week sitting in these kinds of chairs....exam room chairs, waiting room chairs, clinic chairs....poor Zoran's had quite an ordeal over his little split lip.
And then we spent an afternoon at the waterpark where we didn't really spend any time in any of these chairs.The water was just too much fun.

But most of the week was spent camping.  So it was all about these kinds of chairs around the campfire:

hanging out

playing music

taking naps...

The local volunteer firemen also had their annual picnic & fundraiser this weekend. 

There were hundreds of chairs waiting to be filled with community members

and even a few chairs for sale at the auction.


  1. Great captures! Love the angle on the pool photo.

  2. I love them! Great job with all the different chairs. I really like the first one, taking naps and hanging out!

  3. Napping is my fav!

    My dude busted his lip today too. :( no stitches though.

  4. Love the superhero outfit in the doc's office... perfect fit!

  5. I love the campfire by the lake and the napping pics the best, but the superhero in the dr. office...priceless.