You Capture: Fruit

I have an ambivalent relationship with fruit these days.

We eat a lot of it every day.

Also, I find a lot of it half eaten on my floors, in the yard, and smashed into my couch. I think I picked up about eleven banana peelings today. I'd like to ban it from my house, except the kids love it and it's so much better than many of the other things they like to eat. So, I'll continue on with my plan to ban all foods with red dye (because why do we need anything in our food that stains my counters and children bright red for days??!!) and I'll continue on with letting the kids eat all sorts of fruit.

And really, beyond apples, there just aren't many any other foods that go so well with hanging out naked on your porch with your gun. A apple fits the bill perfectly.

Since I wasn't into photographing the old apples and collection of banana peels I was finding everywhere day, I took pictures of the pictures of clementines on our drink bottles turned vases for pretty weeds.
 If only all my fruit could be so neat and clean.


  1. Love those weeds. And that gun-toting bare-bottomed baby! =>

  2. Ha! Great captures! I love the naked bum. How can anyone resist? Pretty flowers, too.

  3. Love the re-used vases! Great shots.

  4. Great pictures! The first ones made me giggle, and I jsut love the izze bottles as vases!

  5. Great captures! Love the flowers