First Snow 2010

the road down to the creek right before my house
We were having a pretty wonderful fall and then suddenly Tuesday morning it started snowing and it was winter.
The little people were so excited they were trying to escape as soon as they realized what was going on outside. It's been a long time in their lives since we've had snow!
They escaped out the front door, still in pjs, to see the snow up close. At least Sage's jammies had feet.
snow beginning to bury one of Lex's most recent pumpkin victims
Lex loved seeing his footprints in the snow.
And he is a boy, so apparently he needed to try out peeing in the snow, too. He seems to enjoy peeing everywhere except in the toilet.
We got everyone dressed, but Lex still ran out again without any shoes (or a coat, or snowpants, or gloves...he isn't real patient). He and Paisely didn't seem to get cold nearly as quickly as I thought they would. I thought walking in ice would be a natural consequence that would encourage warmer clothes. It didn't work really well. 
When I finally convinced Lex his toes were freezing, he remembered his snow boots and got really excited to go get them. He ran in the house and into his room and then came back out ready to play. He was wearing his slippers. We're not quite familiar with the winter gear yet I guess.
When the older kids got back from school they were pretty excited about the snow, too. They had big plans for a snowball war.

Azia & Trance
I'm sure soon I'll be tired of the cold or annoyed about driving on slippery roads, but it's always a little bit exciting when the seasons decide to change.

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  1. FAbulous pictures! I'm glad I'm not the only one who has kids that run barefoot in the snow!!

    Thanks for playing GMYBPSF with us, and Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. I love how kids are soooo excited when it snows! We don't get much here in NC, and when it does snow it's never more than an inch or so, and it's always gone by next morning... but it's always the "best day ever" when it does snow!

    Great photos!

  3. All these photos are great, but I think the one of just the feet are my fave! Oh, and the one of your boy peeing in the snow..that one made me laugh out loud! Great shots!

  4. Love these pictures! I wish we got snow like that. The first picture looks so peaceful!