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The other evening I found all the boys in our bedroom looking at Dev's old sports pictures from high school. (Israel had just brought home his team picture from basketball.) After they found their dad, they actually found all sorts of other people they knew. Since we live in the same small town where we went to high school, they know all these old athletes from 15 (or nearly 20!) years ago, in some cases just from them hanging around our house (or us visiting theirs) but also as "Kellen's dad" or "Madison's dad."

It's sort of cool when your kids are friends with your friends' kids. 


Each of the kid's is responsible for planning and cooking dinner once a week. Since Lex is only four, he can't quite do that all by himself. So, him and I share a night. Part of the deal is that when you cook, you get to decide what's on the menu. Sometimes it happens that we have meals like this:  

Grilled cheese with macaroni and cheese. Made even tastier when served on orange plates.  

Last week we had strawberry cookies. Pot roast for dessert. 

The plan is not without it's flaws. 


Last Sunday Azia and I went to watch a friend compete a local cheer competition. We meet Izzy and her mom there. The teams colors are red and zebra print. The little fans got these hoodies last year before the competition. 

I think the outfits are almost as fun as the performance.


Hard at work at our annual ambulance refresher training. 

I think our ambulance service should start providing us with the most recent iPads, as better to keep up with current training information. (Seeing as we are a volunteer service, that might be unlikely.)

I don't think these two are really paying attention anyway. It's just a ploy so they don't have to engage with all the talk of delivering babies going on.



Azia pic

Azia lost another tooth. She sent me a text of the thing while I was sitting in a meeting. (Look at alll that silver! I don't think the tooth fairy should pay for cavity-filled teeth!) When I got home she was asleep, all cuddled up with her doll who appeared to be guarding the tooth (or using it as a sleeping mask). 

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  1. Wow, that is really cool that your kids are friends with your friends kids! :)

    LOL at the slightly oddly planned meals, but I like the concept!