Little Guy Wrestling 2012

It seems like wrestling has been going on a lot longer than six weeks. Daily practices, mid-week duels, and Saturday tournaments. It occupies an awful lot of our time, especially since the boys are on opposite ends of the practice schedules and tournament wrestling times. Between the two of them practices go from 3:30 to 7:00 and we end up seeing all the tournaments since Zoran wrestles first (since he's in the the lightest beginner weight class) and Israel is at the end of the day since he's with the oldest group. 

But, it is fun to see all the other kids wrestling, too, and the boys are enjoying it so at least it's a pretty good time-consuming activity. 

It takes so much time I haven't had time to actually write anything, but I do have a few pictures from the season. 


Israel's first match with his toughest opponent of the year. He had to wrestle this kid from Superior multiple times throughout the year.

cheering for his brother

I missed Zoran's matches since we had ice rescue training in the morning, but he started off the year with two wins!


Both boys did well at the Arlee duel.

Israel went 4-0 one night.

Then a few days later, Zoran did, too.

Bryce getting some advice from his dad, sister and uncle.

Zoran and Canyon getting a little match recap on Dev's phone.

Mission Mountain Classic

Israel wrestled really well in Mission.

Getting some encouragement from Dad before the match. (You can see his opponent eying him!)

He had to wrestle the Superior kid first and didn't win, but made his way back through the other side of the bracket, winning all the rest and taking third.

winning a tough constellation match

Zoran cheering (and giving a little advice)

He wrestled really well, too.

 Ronan Junior Duel

Winning again!

Ronan  Junior Tournament

and lots of cute little first grade wrestlers. . .

Arlee Home Beginner Duel

Little guys ready to start
Love this picture of Lettie on  her way to a win!

Zoran getting a win!
Whitefish Intervalley Unit Tournament

Zoran woke up sick, threw up all over himself on the way to Whitefish, and again right before he had to wrestle. Not a great way to start the day. 

He had a rough first match, but still did well overall through the day. 

Won most of his matches, 

except this really long (6 over time!) match that he ended 4-4 with the other kid getting the win.  The head ref decided they couldn't let it keep going on since no one was scoring, so he said Zoran was starting down. If he got an escape, he'd win. If not, the other kid got the win.

He couldn't get an escape. Zoran was pretty bummed.
 Look at their faces! Such a long match.

But, he still made it to the podium! Bryce, too! They both head to state as 3rd seeds in their weight classes from their division.


Israel had to sit all day in the gym. . .  they were so far behind with the tournament it was about 6:00pm by the time he started wrestling.

Not the best way to get ready to wrestle and not his best day, but he was still able to win a couple matches. 

Arlee Beginner Duel

 Last matches of the regular season!

And on to state this weekend!

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