You Capture: Summertime

 It finally feels like summertime around here.

It's hot. Temperatures in the 90s many days after months of snow and a few more of rain.

We've been eating watermelon, but not a whole lot of real meals. Why is it so hard to get around to cooking in the summertime?
 No one is wearing any shoes anymore. They all have the beat-up, calloused, dirt-stained feet to prove it.
 Boys got their summer haircuts. For some of the kids there was blue dye involved again.

 And, parts of most days are spent up at Mission Dam.
Zoran & Bryce swim back to shore.
Kids everywhere. . . so nice to be able to send them all outside in the summer!
Valerie, Ahni & Lettie



  1. Looooooove the mountain capture. Love it, Love it, and did I say I love it? Because I do. Michigan has so much to offer, but we do not have mountains such as this- what a beauty!


  2. Wow, what a view! That last shot is just gorgeous. Love your watermelon shot too. We also have eaten TONS of watermelon this year. I completely associate watermelon with summertime :)

  3. aw - perfect summer days by the mountain (so gorgeous)

  4. Wow, what a beautiful are to enjoy summer! Your pictures are lovely and completely summery.

  5. Watermelon is such a classic summer time treat!

  6. Love the rich colors. Everything looks so alive and vibrant.