Day 275: Azia's potential gambling problem

Actually, I think she already has a problem, she just rarely has any money to fuel it.  

She spends money as quickly as she gets it because, well, honestly most things you can buy are cooler to have in your possession than a few coins or bills. I've never known her to be patient in any situation, but she has a great always-living-in-the-moment attitude and an optimism that whatever is in front of her is the best thing she could possibly have. Also, she loves games and loves that possibility (always so real) that she could win big at any moment. 

She earned seven dollars last week changing pipe and she would have spent every quarter on this game if she had it all. Unfortunately, I only had $3.50 of it. 

Of course I have the completely the opposite approach to life and never gamble at all, because I know I will lose all my money and I hardly have any to begin. Whenever we go anywhere I spend the whole time wondering why she is throwing away all her money, and she spends the whole time thinking I'm totally boring because she knows I must have at least a dollar or two I could be spending on something fun. We spend the whole time each thinking the other is crazy.

After she'd put $3.00 in this machine and still wanted more money I finally told her she could just buy an ugly stuffed animal like the one she was trying to win for like a dollar.

"But, Mom, I just get so, so excited when I'm sooooo close to winning stuff!"

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