Reading Time. Nap Time.

This week Lex decided to have a normal schedule for a two-year-old and he gets up by 7:00 in the morning so he actually is much happier if he takes a nap for an hour or so in the afternoon. And he actually likes to lay down and take a nap. If I ask him if he's tired and he actually is he'll go get his blanket and some book and lay down.

Of course his favorite place to sleep is my bed--not sure what he thinks his own bed is for. He rarely uses it. And he gives me this look when I suggested he go lay in it for his nap.

One of Lex's favorite books. It has ambulances, fire trucks, big trucks, AND helicopters. It's nearly perfect.

Dev was home Friday so he decided to lay down & read with Lex.

After he read through his books a few times, Lex changed his mind and got up to play with the other boys again. Dev, however, did stay and take a nap.

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