You Capture: Outside

 Some days this past week have been nice enough for some reading on the deck.

Even though the mornings have still been leaving little skiffs of snow on flowers as often as dew.

The Bitterroot Dig was windy and cold with flashes of sunshine, but the kids survived. More than survived actually. They loved it. Unfenced new terrain to explore in all directions as far as they could see and encouragement to dig in the dirt. . . definitely a winning day even in the cold.
Dev & Zoran peeling some of the bitterroot they dug.
The landscape is so different on the west side of the reservation even though its just a few miles away from the mountains.

 This picture makes me laugh because it is such a good moment to show what their relationship is like-- though who has the flower and who has the stick is completely interchangeable. (As shown by the first photo taken just a few minutes before the second.)

Some days have been nice enough for some chicken chasing. This is exciting for the boys, probably less exciting for the chickens.

 But then barbequing a few hours later was a snowy affair.

 But the games the last couple days haven't been rained (or snowed) out!

 And I'm also choosing to believe the snow showers are becoming lighter and less frequent.
 I think the weather is really trying to be Spring-like. Hopefully we can at least get consistent Spring weather by summer.


  1. Those are all so great! I think the 3rd and 4th are my faves, but they all rock. Beautiful kids!

  2. Oh I love all those shots, the ones of the kids playing are just so precious! Your weather seems so much like ours, one nice day, then cold again!

  3. Great shots! I just love the chicken chasing one.

  4. Now, that's some crazy weather! Those water droplets are amazing captures.

  5. Oh nothing better than enjoying the outdoors with a good book. :)

  6. Wonderful shots! There is nothing cuter than a kid reading a book. :)

  7. Oh wow, wonderful shots! Especially the flower ones! Too bad about the snow- but at least you have flowers!

  8. That landscape photo took my breath away! So beautiful. Great optimism, too :)