Day 205: Girl Scout Invasion

the girls & their friendship circle    
Holy hectic day. . . and I didn't even go anywhere but the post office. I don't know why some days it seems like it's impossible to get anything done even when I'm not actually trying to get anything done. A few crabby kids and a few crazily hyped up ones and it begins to seem like there are about three times as many people here as there really are. We never got to the Mother's Day project I had planned and then five or six older kids were already on their way home from school and right behind them were eight more girl scouts. And when everyone had arrived I gave them all marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers and fire and hoped for the best. Somewhere in the chaos the girls scouts brainstormed ways to be prepared for all sorts of things from fire to bad weather but we never got around to coming up with ideas about what you should do when you have dozens of crazy kids at your house and you'd like to hide somewhere and read a book or take a nap.  By the time most of the children had gone home it was time for a baseball game, and by the time that was over it was time to get my own kids to bed. Next there is all this paperwork I need to get done if I'm ever going to get paid for anything I did last month. Also, I'm pretty sure there are marshmallows stuck to all the surfaces of all the many rooms I need to go clean.

So of course instead of getting all that done I've just spent the last hour looking at all the images I took today.  They make the day look all calm and filled with smiley children engaged in fun activities. I was hoping it would make facing the every-night-ritual of cleaning up the house after everyone else is asleep more bearable. So far it's not working.

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