March 24, 2010: Eeewwww

Israel has a problem.

As I was emptying his laundry basket today I found this package of Top Ramen in the bottom of the basket under all his stinky clothes. So gross. I don't know why he doesn't have mice or bugs or some sort of creatures living in his room. I don't know if he was somehow attempting to hide it away in there since I'm always preventing him from eating like 5 packages a day or if it fell out of one of his pockets. That last option is probably more likely because he always seems to have them in his pockets--at least I continuously find multiple empty packages in his pants pockets. I'm not even sure where he gets them, because I find them in his pockets even when I haven't bought any for weeks.  Either way, like I said, he has a problem.

This isn't a new thing. He's been obsessed with "noodles" since he started eating regular food. They have always been his favorite food. I've banned them from the house for months at a time over the years because he'd literally only eat noodles. He'd eat multiple packages a day. He would ask for them for dinner every night instead of whatever I'd cooked. He still does that now if we ever have them in the house. Or he'll call me in the middle of class at SKC as soon as he gets home from school to ask if he can have some.

He's going to be the only kid who goes to college and is relieved that he can finally have good food every day. Ramen noodles.

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