Day 166: Derby Night

The Hellgate Rollergirls moved from their Toole Ave. location and had their first bout in the Adams Center.  Dev and I and Brain and Aspen took all the girls (all five girls . . .) down to Missoula to watch. It was pretty fun, but looked like it would be even more fun to play. I only have about a 60% grasp on the rules, but the main things seem to be moving forward quickly in the right direction around the track and preventing anyone from the opposing team from passing you. Of course I'd imagine even those become more complicated when you try to do them on skates.

Azia and Jenna were ready to play, too. Azia started begging me to buy her roller skates about halfway through and Jenna was searching the program to see how old you had to be to sign up. They were really excited that the team they were cheering (loudly) for won and had picked out their favorite players by the end of the night. On the way out the field house they were practicing body blocks and checking each other into the walls.

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