236: First Day of School

I'm not sure if it was the excitement of the new year, excitement about the new shoes, or the huckleberries for breakfast, but Zoran was up before I was, ready to go, and happy. Giggly and giddy even. For someone who is never excited about school and really didn't want to go back, this was quite exciting. Hopefully this is his new approach to mornings and it will stick around for the rest of the year or at least a few more days. He really is not a morning person, but he's a different sort of non-morning person than I am. Because I dislike the having to get up early, I prefer not to get up until I have to. Because he dislikes it, he seems to need an extra long amount of time to adjust to the discomfort of being awake so early. I decided last spring that to have his coffee and read the entire paper (or at least the sports sections from about four of them).  Maybe for now his dad will have to make him pancakes for breakfast every morning.

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