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Oh the dwindling summer days. . .

I actually don't like summer weather at all, but I do love the unstructured days and the late evenings full of nothing much,  the endless exploring and wandering just in the "wilderness" outside our doors,  and all the hanging out without an agenda.
dinner out on the rocks in the field
and ice cream for desert!
We've actually been working quite a lot on house and yard projects: scrubbing and sanding and staining and painting walls and decks and furniture,  cleaning out closets and sheds and flowerbeds. . . all sorts of things we haven't finished. In many ways it looks worse than when we started.

Lex washing down the deck. This is not the work uniform he was issued.
But it is summer of course, so we've also been trying to fit in some summer fun and play whereever we can over this last week.
Spidey guys: Lex & Dylan

Outdoor home theater. How convenient that the furniture was all out on the deck waiting to be stained and repaired!

There are all sorts of cool creatures in the grass we've been mowing and getting under control.

There really isn't much better than a late summer evening. . .

Monday meant the kids were headed back to school.

I love all the fall activities, but it's definitely hard to let go of all this play time we've had this summer.

I'm sure by February I'll be missing perfect evening light, the hazy smokey sunsets, and all the bare feet covered with three-months of dirt.


  1. Oh my goodness, what wonderful photos! Your kids get to have so much fun! That outdoor theater...awesome!! That last photo is my fave. The light streaming in is so magical :-)

  2. Love these! My kids love their "non" issued attire...and wear it often! Ditto on that last photo. I need to be there pronto! Amazing shot!

  3. These are wonderful. I am still smiling at your little naked helper. So cute!