Day 92: We have a few firetrucks

Lex and I were cleaning up his room this afternoon when I realized this is what the  bottom of the toybox looked like. This isn't even all of his firetrucks--just what we'd already picked up. He also has a basket full of all his little matchbook cars and I know he has about a dozen that size, too. I guess this is what happens when the only thing you ask for on your birthday is firetrucks. I don't think he's quite as obsessed with firetrucks as he was this fall, but he does still really like them. Cop cars, too. He got a remote control one for Christmas and it's the present he tells everyone about whenever they ask about Christmas. By the time we filled up the box there were a few more ambulances and firetrucks, some Lightening McQueen and Mac vehicles and some monster trucks...still, not a lot of variety in the types of toys he plays with.

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