Day 93: mysteries solved, lessons unprepared and sparkly hair

This is a lame photo but it’s 11:39 and I have not started preparing for my classes tomorrow and my entire house still needs to be cleaned, so I don’t have time to figure out an interesting one.

However,  Azia’s shower is very clean. I have also solved three mysteries:
  • why a little before Christmas Azia had glitter in her hair every day for about a month even when we hadn’t done any glitter projects
  • why Azia has been ignoring me for weeks as I kept telling her to refill her shampoo & conditioner container and stop kept stealing my stuff
  • the location of my bottle of silver glitter
When you see them all together the links seem obvious and I clearly should’ve solved these mysteries long ago, but I have about 317 mysteries like this everyday so sometimes I’m slow to see the connections.

I went to shower in Azia’s bathroom because Dev was in our shower & then I found myself cleaning it, because it was so gross. Even her shampoo / condition dispenser was covered in soap scum with nothing in it so I washed it out & refilled it. Except the pump didn’t dispense anything. After some examination and total deconstruction of the apparatus I realized the entire faucet was jammed full of silver glitter. What a creative method she figured out to apply some sparkle to her hair on a daily basis...until everything became plugged. I thought I had it completely cleaned out, but it's still shooting out silver glitter with the conditioner. A few more days of sparkle...


  1. I'm sure it wasn't very fun to clean but this is ingenious.

  2. This is part of my problem with Azia's probably too frequent lack of discipline. She does things like this every single day. Often, she should be punished because it causes me a lot of unnecessary work, but too often I’m sort of amazed by what she comes up with.

  3. What a clever daughter you have!