Easter 2010

I think what I liked most about the searching for Easter eggs this year is that my kids didn't get up to do it until 8:30am.

 I was up till like 3:00am the night before trying to get our house somewhat put together, assembling Easter baskets, and filling plastic eggs. This is an awful lot of candy...even if I do have an awful lot of children. 

Zoran & his whole collection of eggs. Mia and her rabbit ears.

Zoran got a t-ball helmet in his Easter basket. Luckily he did take it off after a few hours. He's still wearing the cleats he got two weeks ago. A few more weeks and tee-ball will actually start.

Lex and his pile of candy and toys. Once he found his Easter basket he had no desire to go find eggs. I still don't think he really gets why he would want to go pick up a bunch of eggs. Because then he just has...a bunch of eggs. This never really occurred to me until I tried to explain to him why he should go pick them all up.

He was perfectly content to just sit on the couch, play with his new farm animals, watch the other kids run around the house, and eat chocolate. He really is a pretty smart kid.

It's always so difficult to get all four of them to stand in one place at one time. And keep their eyes open and things like that. I did get a few shots, but it took Lex awhile to join us. And after a few seconds he just said "I'm done" and left again. He doesn't have a lot of patience.

He was sooo tired of waiting for us and all the foolish picture taking.

We had a yummy brunch at Yaya & Papa's.

And then even more egg gathering.

Gwen had the whole event very organized with age groups and staggering starting times and prizes and everything.

All the kids were all waiting patiently to begin. Except for Lex. He doesn't believe in patience.

Since Lex got bored pretty quickly with the egg thing he decided to play in the car. At least that's what I thought he was doing till I saw him climb out the window and onto the roof. He really should be on a leash at all times.  Or maybe I should just duct tape his hand and feet together and let him play with Gage and Daij.

A bunch of the kids got kites out of the Easter egg prize box. They actually even got them in the air. For awhile there were 4-5 of them flying in the field.


  1. Lex's little attitude cracks me up. He's quite a character!

  2. You mean Lex has no patience kinda like his DAD!!!

  3. I guess that lack of patience is a Dev thing. I always put Dev & Zoran in the same boat since they have the lack of patience AND the temper. Lex doesn't really get instantly angry like the other two...he just walks away and stops dealing anything that annoys him!