April 6, 2010: Kindergarten Roundup!

Zoran and I got to go sign him up for kindergarten this fall. He was pretty excited. So excited he even agreed to take a shower this morning. He hates having to shower. Especially in the morning. (This is one of those Zoran peculiarities I don't understand. It seems like he wouldn't be able to stand being dirty, but it doesn't seem to bother him.)

He really thought he should just be able to start going to "Azia's school" after he was all signed up and was a little disappointed we had to go home and he had to go back to Headstart. Hopefully he'll still be excited this fall. Ideally he'd still be excited even after he starts going. He really likes Headstart once he's there, but hates actually having to go half the time. He's always bothered that school interferes with his bike riding or jumping on the trampoline or basketball playing. . . he really just always seems to have about 10 other things he wants to do rather than get on the bus when it shows up to get him.

But maybe kindergarten will be different. We'll see...

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