April 7, 2010: Morning Movie

So we actually have a normal sized TV. And one that seems larger than normal size. But, that's not nearly as cozy as setting up a little viewing area in the middle of the living room. Actually I think setting up their pillows and blankets and finding their spots probably took longer than watching the movie. This group has a pretty short TV attention span most days, but they really liked the idea of watching a movie and having some popcorn. I don't even know if Zoran shared any of that popcorn before it all got dumped all over the floor.

And then they were all on to the next thing. Today for much of the afternoon that was carting the miniature little dogs (Coco & Mia) back and forth between the two houses. It's always amazing how things like that can occupy children for hours.


  1. Kanana is not being held by anyone and looks perfectly content!

  2. Well there was popcorn involved. I think she's headed that way. Actually though she has been way better the last month. She likes playing with the older kids quite a lot now.