Day 293: this superhero business is exhausting

Lex's best friend lately has been an old beat up superman toy that was his older brother's about a decade ago. And then Superman "flew" out the window as we were driving and didn't ever make it back home.

We didn't ever find the missing superman, but apparently you can almost replace a ten-year-old, 25-cent-garage-sale toy on amazon for about $14. This new one is actually about twice as big as the old one so maybe it's even cooler.  Lex had been carrying around the other superman everywhere for about two weeks, so he was pretty devastated when he lost him. He could hardly contain his excitement when the package arrived with this new version.

Since Lex was responsible for the departing flight of Superman the First (I'd already rescued him once earlier in the day after a previous flight out the window)  I made him "earn" the money to buy this one. He only did about fifteen minutes of work, but it took about five hours. I figure if you factor in his three-year-old age the math works out in the end.

He's been pretty fond of Superman the Second, too. Today was filled with all sorts of flying and chasing and escaping (mainly from me). I stripped off my sheets and went to throw them in the wash. By the time I was back in the room to put the new ones on, this was what I found.


  1. great capture! this will be a classic fun one to look back on when he's older! :)

  2. #1: The capture is awesome.
    #2: Superman is amazing.
    #3: I think it's the bomb that his name is Lex and he loves Superman...

  3. This is amazing. (Story and photo.) What a cute little guy you have!

  4. Oh my goodness : ) This is too adorable. I love Lex's best friend. I mean, really, how can you go wrong with superman in your corner? Cute as can be!

  5. That is too cute! Love the story that goes with the photo.