Day 292: the end of camp week

I missed the first part of Azia's end of the camp week presentation after an ambulance call put me off schedule, but this is what was going on when I got there.

It's nice that even when I can't make it to everything there are still a half dozen or more important people who are almost always there for my kids anyway.

I did make it in time for lunch and cake and a whole lot of Girl Scout song singing. I told Azia, Jenna, & Addison they were going to have to be in charge of teaching all the other girls all the new songs they learned this week. (Especially since I'm not-so-hot when it comes to enthusiastically teaching kids songs and singing along.)

I told Christina she could be in charge of that as well because she absolutely loves the singing and especially the friendship circle.

(I really don't think my italics there are conveying the strong sarcasm I wish they could.)

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