205: Long, long day

The plan for today was to have a baby. That didn't happen. Instead I spent the entire day...like 7:00am till after midnight (and well into the next day) in the same little hospital room (and largely in the same small bed). In looking through my camera & phone, apparently this is all the photo evidence I have of that day. It seems pretty appropriate. There is one strange (probably accidental) picture of the corner of the hospital bed and a couple pictures of the great jacuzzi tub in my room. It was a very nice tub and I was glad it was there. Of course since I was annoyed with the way the day was going I was also bothered by the word choice of the tag that said it was cleaned for my "enjoyment."  Not sure if "enjoyment" is often what's going on in jacuzzi tubs in labor & delivery rooms. Or possibly it is. Many people are much better at enjoying things like this than I am.

(I enjoy the end result. Honestly, I could do without the process.)

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