remembering our veterans

Tonight after I got home from meetings and parent teacher conferences all the kids piled on my bed (on top of all the laundry I never got around to putting away all day) and started reading through all our oral histories from the veterans in our family to put something together for Veterans Day.

We've done a video the last couple years and it's a tradition I like, even though we don't ever schedule in time to do it right. It was 8:00 before I even realized tomorrow was Veterans Day, but after I gathered up all the kids they spent a few hours sitting together, reading the stories we had collected, sharing their favorite parts, and picking out what they wanted to say about these important people. There is always a little fighting about who gets to tell which stories. . .  because they all want to tell all of them. They all want to tell about their dad, their papa, their Uncle Eldon, the grandpas most of them didn't ever get a chance to know in person but who they know all about because of little projects like this.

Since all the kids read and write and have their own opinions we're sort of in a phase where this is much more a process that benefits them than a product that's really very interesting to others.  They can do most pieces independently but not real smoothly at this point.

Still, its a great family artifact to have, and I love how excited all the kids were to take a copy to school and share it with their friends and classes for veterans day.

Here's the final video we came up with:

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