Good Stuff: a little winter, a lot of basketball

: : First snow 

. . . almost. 

It seems to be snowing all around us, but it hasn't quite turned things white here in Mission yet.

It did, however,  cover the ground in Arlee Saturday morning, and the kids thought their first glimpse of snow was much more interesting than basketball.

Zoran borrowed both his sisters hoodie and gloves for the morning.

Back in Mission we have snow right to the bottom of the mountains.
I think the goal for this weekend is to get all the remnants of fall (like dead plants and rotten pumpkins and garbage drug around by bears and dogs and stray soccer balls, clothing and dishes) out of the yard.

There are things like this scattered everywhere.

 : : First Basketball Game

The middle school boys had their first game this weekend. 

 They didn't end up winning, but Lex and Dev had fun watching Israel.

And Azia seemed to be having fun, too.

Though I might have to bring her some friends next time rather than leave her to hang out with middle school boys!

 : : More Cousins

 Becky and all the kids arrived from California this week.  Keilana and Azia disappeared right away into crafst and dolls and all sorts of secret girls things in Azia's room and Kylie was trailing right behind. Dylan slipped right into all the cousin commotion with the boys.


playin' in the rain

 : : Basketball vs. Ronan

 The boys played (and beat) Ronan last night.

Zoran wanted to go watch, but he also wanted to bring his just-for-fun math homework to do on the way. 

He continued working on it throughout the game. 

Hopefully he'll still want to do homework when it isn't optional anymore, and not make me crazy like his siblings.

Eighth grade getting ready to warm up
Israel ready to rebound

Lex found Cora as soon as we got there. 

 They had fun cheering on their brothers and watching movies on my phone.

_ - _ - _ -_ -_ - _ - _

 And I discovered a few hours ago we have nothing scheduled this weekend! Not a game or a party or a meeting or anything. I think it's the first mostly open weekend since school started. (Or possibly since early summer sometime, but my memory resets once school starts, so I can't remember back past the end of August.)

Maybe I can actually get caught up on a few things this weekend.

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