Azia the Artist

Azia has always loved her paints and papers, but she usually tends toward the sculptured, crafty, create-and-use approach to art. Projects almost always involve scissors and some (or many) forms of glue and tape and string and knots. She realizes something she needs or wants and then immediately creates and begins using it.

But the past few days she's been into painting. She's been better at keeping track of her schoolwork and getting things done, but when she's finished she gets out paper and paints and starts creating things. She looks up pictures and other paintings she likes online to get ideas,  and then she will sit for hours working on pieces. The other night I thought she'd went to bed & found her like this in her bedroom with a big painting almost finished. This night she created an undersea scape picture, one of a 1950s car and some cats. Her inspiration seems to be quite varied.

We still need to work on focusing on getting the work she's responsible for finished (and remembering when she has work to begin with), but I love that this is the sort of thing she does with her free time.

**And she has resourcefully re-purposed that fingernail polish remover bottle as a container for her water because it works much better to clean her brushes. I know this because I asked her at least five times--sometimes not as calmly as I should have--to get the lid on that an put it away, and then she'd remind me again it was just water.  She doesn't have a good track record with responsible use of fingernail polish remover. We have evidence of this (on our dinning room table, coffee table, wood floors...)

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