70: On to State!

The little kids had their qualifying tournament today.  The top placers wrestle in the regional next weekend, but if beginners place high enough this also assures them a place in the state tournament.

Zoran's in! (And Bryce, too!)

He had one tough match that went to the third round and he couldn't quite get the win. He was pretty disappointed he didn't win the tournament. (Winning everything is always his goal.)  But, now he has a few more weeks left and some really tough competition to face, so I'm sure it will give him some good practice for next year.

This year was the first year he was old enough to qualify for the state tournament and that was his goal at the beginning of the year. It's going to be tough to get many wins at that level not going in with a #1 seed, but it's still pretty good to make it there his first year.

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