iphone dump

Azia's style: always a bright spot, even in the middle of dreary not-really-winter yet not-quite spring weather. Did she miss any patterns: flowers, bold purple, argyle, plaid, zebra stripes. . . it seems if you add in enough options, pretty soon it all matches. (Or at least that might be the theory at work here.)


The iPads continue to get a lot of use through all these wrestling meets.  The kids love wrestling. They are much less enthusiastic about watching everyone else wrestle.

Ronan duel. The boys got kicked out of their front row mat seat, so it was back to the iPad.


This week has been really slow with the ambulance. Last week we had all sorts of tipped over vehicles (luckily with no patients ) and little boys who had to been take from the wrestling tournament to get checked out.

We've also had this very strange weather where it's been really nice and then blizzarding an hour later. A 15-mile drive to the hospital through snow like this makes the transport considerably longer.


Lex and Azia and I made green eggs and ham to celebrate  Dr. Seuss's birthday while the older boys were wrestling in Libby. Lex was quite the helpful shopper.

When we got home they cooked up the breakfast. Azia even figured out how to somehow monogram her ham.


Lex's best buddy James had his birthday this week, complete with Captain America costume, cake and pinata. Lex's sort of party.

Lex was helping me put away laundry. He thought this was hilarious and wanted me to take a picture.

I'm sure he'll still be soooo happy about this in a few years.

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