70: kites

When I was picking out kites for the kids, this one seemed perfect for Israel and his history obsession. Unfortunately Lex saw it first when I got home and thought it was perfect for him. Who ended up with it seems to still be unclear.

Costco has a collection of really cool kites right now.

And now we have a collection of cool kites at our house.

For some reason I seem to be more prone to these impulse buys when we have no money, but it was sixty degrees on Friday and beautiful, and somehow I got stuck in Costco buying mountains of supplies for work. It seemed very important that we spend some of the next day outside, so my kids got early happy nearly spring presents. We don't really have a lot of wind around here, but that doesn't really stop them from trying to fly kites. Mom has bought a bunch of the little plastic kites the last few years for our spring Bison Range picnic, and the kids fly them till they fall apart. Then they take the pieces and try to fit them all together to get at least one patched back together to fly a few more days.

Besides entertaining the kids, kite flying is a pretty nice break for me from the continuous research paper reading that filled most of my day today.

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