You Capture: Spring


Time for baseball.

And flowers. 

Or so you'd think. But since this is Montana, the weather isn't really sure how to behave.

  One minute you're laying in the sunshine in the green grass.

The  next you're getting getting rained on. And then the rain turns to hail.

We went to the store on a sunny afternoon to buy Spring flowers and Easter treats.

and were in the  middle of a snowstorm by the time we loaded everything in cart.
 A snowstorm that got so bad I could hardly see more than ten feet in any direction by the time we were driving home.

But, a few hours later and we were back to sunshine. (In short spats, at least.)

We had a perfectly-timed window of sunshine for our Earth day photo scavenger hunt for Girl Scouts. 

Now I'm hoping we'll move in to stretches of sunshine that last days rather than hours.

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  1. wow. great pictures I LOVE LOVE LOVE that one of your little guy playing baseball. his expression is priceless! and the one with the hail. Happy Spring! : )

  2. #2 is precious! Looks like you're having better luck with spring in MT than we are here in ND.

  3. Great shots, espceially that first one!

  4. These are all great photos. I just love that top photo. It looks like it ought to be on a magazine.

  5. That first shot is AWESOME! Great pics this week!!

  6. Such fun pictures. Lovely daffodils!

  7. Spring is certainly unpredictable!! Love the photos :D

  8. These pictures are pure awesome sauce. What a fun day. A cold and sunny day all mixed together : ) What a very beautiful and diverse place to be from : )

  9. we had hail a couple days back as well, but skipped the snowstorm bit. montana is gorgeous...it seems like a girl could breathe out there.

    love those outdoor shots of your family, and especially the expression on your little pitcher's face. what an amazing shot.

  10. OMGosh. How crazy!
    Great photos, esp the on of the hail. Amazing that you were able to capture it that well.