Day 192: let the Easter activities begin. . .

I took a lot of cute, much higher quality photos throughout the day, but I like this blurry cell phone shot best if I have to pick just one to sum up the afternoon. The gang on the hunt together:  Lex, bucket on his head and no shoes, not quite following (or even paying attention to) the rules as usual; KaNana pretty sure she is one of the boys; and I imagine Aodhan just slightly out of frame, but oh-so-close to being able to keep up.

Lex has such a great little group to spend his days with. We all loaded up to go to the post office later in the day and I just yelled over my shoulder before we pulled out, "Is everyone ready?"

Lex answered right away, "We're ready, Mom! Cause you got all your boys. It's me and my friend Sage and my friend Ethen. All your best boys. We're ready!"

It's a pretty great group, this collection of all my best boys.

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