Day 39: Haircuts

Lex finally got a haircut. We're just going to pretend he was actually smiling and appearing this happy the whole time it was happening.  He has had big, shaggy hair for a few months now but is generally against haircuts these days. This makes it very hard to get a haircut that doesn't look ridiculous. He did tell me I could cut it will my ambulance scissors when we were in the car about a month ago. He couldn't really see where he was going anymore so I just pulled a big chunk away from his forehead and chopped it off with the EMT shears. It was very uneven and jagged but all the rest of his head was so bushy you could hardly tell. (At least that is what I chose to believe.) A few days later he had said he wanted a haircut but that was at about 11:00pm and he insisted we go to the "hair-cutting place." I didn't know of any hair-cutting places open at that hour and he wouldn't let anyone here touch it so that didn't work either. When he said he wanted a haircut tonight I thought we'd better take advantage of it. He didn't really want a haircut after about two runthroughs with the clippers and just kept saying "Hey, you're hurting me." Eventually though he did get a pretty normal, summer buzz cut. Just in time for winter.

Zoran also got a haircut. It resulted in all his blue hair being cut off (which he wasn't not happy about) and the mohawk wasn't just right and there were many other little issues, so he still refuses to be photographed. Zoran needs his own personal and highly skilled hairstylist. He is very demanding and most people seem to fall short of his expectations.

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