Coloring of the Eggs

The kids ran out of eggs before they were done coloring them--they all were very into it this year. We even got bright colored eggs! Most years it seems like we end up with a lot of pastel brown-greenish eggs.

Of course Lex had to get up close...and messy, as always. I was thinking the oily colors he was getting into were messier, but his appendages actually weren't that stained. Maybe the oil actually made it less likely to stick to his skin.

After all the eggs were gone, Lex just started coloring the shells of the egg he ate while everyone else started.

Israel adding some detail. Zoran very stressed out because he couldn't get his to look exactly right. It's very hard being a perfectionist with a temper. (But he didn't throw this egg at the wall. I think that's progress.)

Israel's alien egg. It looks especially good with our messy table and his bright purple gloves.

I'm pretty sure Lex's thinks his egg is perfect. He took a bite out of it moments after this picture was taken.

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