Egg Hunters

Mission Egg Hunt: April 2nd 

It's interesting how the Easter Egg "hunting" tradition rarely has any hunting involved these days. It seems it's more of an Easter Egg Sprint. Or maybe an Easter Egg Mad Dash. Most of the time it's just a large collection of eggs all scattered in front of the kids. We didn't have as many egg gathering events as some years--having a Spring Break messed up all the Easter stuff we usually do with all the daycare kids and the little people during the day and we didn't go to any of city ones except Mission's. But that one, Headstart, and at home on Easter morning were still more than enough!

Lex still wasn't that enthusiastic about finding eggs. He didn't throw them at everyone this year (like last year when they were all "balls") but he didn't really see the point. Azia got all sorts of prizes (a bunch of ice cream cones!) since she was the oldest in her age group. Zoran got a lot of real eggs--but they didn't seem to be as cool. I didn't even see Israel since he was across the field with the huge "kids" but he won a backpack full of candy & other treats.

Headstart Egg Hunt: March 31st

Azia decided to crash the Headstart egg finding event since she was out on Spring Break. She didn't find any eggs-- just wandered around watching all the other little kids. It's too bad this "big" second grader blends right in with a bunch of preschoolers.

Zoran found so many eggs they had to give him a backup bag! Since the Headstart kids didn't get a Spring Break (like the University and the elementary kids) there weren't a ton of kids to find all the eggs. They also all got free bike helmets so when we got home the sorting of candy & eggs and bike riding went on for a few more hours.

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