April 5, 2010: not quite ready to leave Easter behind

Peeps for Breakfast?

I found  a stray package of peeps that didn't get included in any of the Easter festivities & left it on the table last night. Lex got up this morning and seemed to think I'd made him breakfast. (A fair mistake with the way we've been eating this last kitchen-less week.)

This kid has a serious sugar problem. He prefers chocolate, but was pretty fond of these too. When he found them hidden (obviously not very well) in my closet last week he thought it was hilarious that they were called "peeps" because he heard "pee-pees." He was both confused and amused that someone would name the sugary treats pee-pees. He also sometimes calls them "duckies." I don't know where that came from, but he's been pretty happy each time he discovered pee pees or duckies all week.

I think this was finally the last of the Easter candy. And I also spent ALL DAY cleaning and reassembling my house--at least I got the kitchen and pantry part done. Maybe we can have normal food for a while. I made avocado-chicken for dinner and was so excited to have a regular meal! 

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