March 19, 2010: March Madness

Zoran has his bracket all filled out and couldn't wait for Dev to come home today so he could see how he did after the first round of games. He's just figuring out all the rankings and technical details--the confusing things like when you win a lot of games you get a low number which means you are probably better than the others with really high numbers. Isn't it usually good when you get the highest number in basketball?

I wrote all his choices out for him when we went through the whole bracket and it still took forever because he agonized over every choice--even though he doesn't actually ever watch college basketball unless it's the U of M. The fact that they made it really stressed him out. He really wanted to have them win the whole thing but he really didn't think they could make it past a #3 if they were only a #14! After about 5 minutes of hand-wringing (literally...he couldn't sit still or stop moving them around) he finally told me through clenched teeth to put...New Mexico. Of course he also decided Wofford should go pretty far just because he really liked to say Wofford. In sort of that same vein, he couldn't let Butler out of the first round because it was just too funny to have a basketball team that had a name like "Butt"-ler. For the most part though, he really wanted to stick to the teams' actual performance on the court. It was really hard since neither of us actually knew any of that. It didn't stop him from asking all sorts of questions about each team. 

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