St. Patrick's Day 2010


Still looking for the Leprechaun...

Azia and Zoran spent quite some time the night before St. Patrick's Day designing their Leprechaun trap. They were pretty excited to see if they'd actually caught one as soon as they got up in the morning. They didn't have any leprechauns in their trap, but within a few minutes had used their detective skills to figure out how the leprechauns had just narrowly escaped. 

Zoran examining the trail of leprechaun footprints (and "gold") to figure out how big the leprechaun was and which way he went.  
The "trap." The little detectives figured out that once the leprechaun fell in trying to get Zoran's candy he got stuck. Unfortunately, he had a friend with him who helped him out. He stacked the gold candy up inside the trap to climb back out. Azia thought it would be Lucky the Leprechaun that showed up, but Azia and Zoran both got little notes (the rolled up little scrolls in the photo)  from Gerald Fitzpatrick and Patrick Fitzgerald.

Mmmmm....chocolate....this is even better than real gold when you're two and have a sugar obsession. 

Chocolate first thing in the morning and THEN Lucky Charms with green milk for breakfast. The leprechauns also stole some of the Lucky Charms and turned the milk green. Lex loved the green milk. Dev was very disturbed and told all the kids the leprechauns peed in the milk. 

Cupcake Creation 
We decided to make Rainbow cupcakes to eat after lunch. The boys had fun mixing up the colors and making different designs with the colors, but next time I think we need to use two cake mixes. We barely had enough for 20 or so cupcakes and we didn't really have enough to do more than 4 colors. We didn't even get around to frosting them because after lunch they were instantly gone. I couldn't figure out how the kids ate all of them in like two minutes and then I realized there were 18 kids here after lunch. (Early out at the elementary school...) No wonder it seemed like a tornado went through the house. I think all those kids are much more destructive than the leprechauns. 

Ronan Parade

Zoran and Jack check out the green horse. 



Since no one in our house likes corned beef or cabbage, we had to find a different Irish meal to make. I decided to make an Irish chicken stew and soda bread. Israel thought the stew was weird because it had big hunks of onion in it. Dev thought it looked like some sort of "witch's" food. He also though the onions were weird and so were the peas. (Yes, for my family these are strange and bizarre ingredients.) Since my timing was all off (my lack of domesticity + those 18 little people previously mentioned) I had lots of food since I made enough to take up to Grandma and Clark and and then didn't have it done when we went to the parade. But when we came back, everyone did actually eat it. Israel changed his mind and decided it was actually good enough to have a few bowls. He told me he "loved this poor people's food." I asked him why it was poor people's food and he explained, "all you need to make this meal is a chicken and a garden."


  1. Christa~ This is awesome and very entertaining!! Way to go!!! I still don't know where you find the time? You are an AMAZING Mom!

  2. What a fun and creative mom you are Christa! Your little ones are beautiful.