To Catch a Leprechaun

Azia and Zoran are determined to catch a leprechaun. 

Zoran knows all about how this works. (thanks Gwen) He wants to catch one so he can make it take him back to it's pot of gold.  Then he can turn the gold into money. After that he seems to loose interest in the plan to some extent. Though he did think he might want to pet the little thing on the head. I think he's a little unclear if they are more pet or person. Azia on the other hand believes the pot of gold would be worth approximately $5,000. She thought she'd like a nice $5, 000 bracelet.

There was some debate about the size of leprechauns. Azia thought they might be about to her waist. She set to work building this tinfoil and firewood trap in the sandbox. Zoran thought they might be a pretty tiny and thought he should make one to catch them in the house. Then he realized that would mean there would be small little creatures that could get in our house. Then he was a little freaked out. But then he listened to Thriller for about the 101st time in the evening and he instead got scared because "after I listened to that so many times I started to think maybe there were real ones outside." I think he meant werewolves, but I'm not quite sure. I just tried to distract him by giving him trap-making tasks. Thanks to Zoran we had some traditional Irish potato candy to use as bait. He made a batch with Gwen today. It makes sense that this is a traditional Irish food because they have historically been known for all those potatoes. And coconut?
Of course Lex wanted to help...he likes cutting things. I really do buy my kids their own scissors. Actually we have like a dozen or so--a whole box of them for the daycare kids. For some reason, my big awkward EMT shears are better. Maybe because as Azia said "They'll cut anything!!" I should probably keep them better hidden. Azia built a little ladder so the leprechaun will be able to climb up to the top of the big hat to get the last piece of candy--and then fall in before he realizes
the top is just made of flimsy tin foil. Afterwards she also made a rope ladder to hang from the table so the little leprechauns could make it up to the top of the tall table. We didn't want to leave it on the floor because we were afraid we'd catch a cat or dog.
Their finished trap....

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