March 20, 2010: My Little Domestic Men

Lex & Zoran had all sorts of fun "cooking" all afternoon. Right now the trunk I have from Child Care Resources has all sorts of baking stuff in it. I just got it last week so we haven't had time to play with it or cook anything during the day with all the extra kids, but they were pretty excited with they found all the clothes and fake food to play with this morning.  They made everyone pizza and sandwiches and drinks. Of course Lex took control of all the knives (he has them safely tucked in that front pocket with his rolling pin and pizza cutter) and he really liked cutting all the sandwiches and fruit.

We might have to make some aprons of their own since we have to give all these back eventually. These guys actually really do like to cook so they'd get some use. Maybe even some hats, too. I might try to continue to convince Zoran to not wear his hat like a little Amish bonnet. Or not if it encourages creative baking. I plan to encourage this cooking enjoyment as much as possible. It's all a part of my master plan to not have to cook myself in a few more years.

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