A sweet Christmas Eve photo of all my children

You know how everyone has those cute Christmas Eve pictures of all the kids in their cozy pajamas?

My children don't believe I should have one.
They were just laying around watching a movie before bed, so I thought I'd just ask them to sit on the couch (or in front of the tree or by the fireplace...I wasn't picky) for a quick 5 second picture.

 They would sit on the couch, but not look at me.

Lex wouldn't even sit on the couch.

 Lex wouldn't even sit in the same room as the couch.
 I retrieved Lex, but he wasn't interested in cooperating. Neither was Azia. I had interrupted the brushing of the new Bratz doll's hair.  Zoran was very bored by this whole process.


All in one spot! But Lex still believes we are torturing him and Azia has returned to the hair brushing.

 And then Lex kicks Zoran in his attempts to escape. Israel gives up and just tries to choke out Lex. 
And Zoran leaves.
And Lex is still screaming.
And Azia has moved on to braiding and ponytails.
And I give up.
And approximately 6.5 seconds later they are all relaxing again, no longer traumatized and ignoring me.

Maybe next year.

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