Day 77: Grandma's Christmas Cactus

And then so quickly Christmas is over.

After this whole month of fun Christmasy chaos and preparation and anticipation the day after I wake up and we are back to normal...except my house is even more of a disaster and my festive Christmas bows and tree no longer seem beautiful and seasonal and instead just seem to losing needles en mass and adding to the disaster.

So there was an ambulance call and a lot of cleaning that didn't seem to make a dent and a little looking at the stack of books for a new course that needs a syllabus written ASAP and the new toilet in my bathroom finally taken apart (and a squirt gun removed) and reassembled and none of this seems like anything I especially want to photograph. Instead I have this one I took yesterday on Christmas.

Christmas Eve, just as I was leaving to Verna's party, I noticed my Christmas cactus (which was my Grandma Lettie's Christmas cactus and is significantly older than my mom) had bloomed.  Just another lovely little highlight in a pretty wonderful Christmas season.

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