Day 72: Verna's Photoshoot

One of my Grandma Lettie's favorite stories to tell was the one about the Christmas all she wanted was a baby doll and how it wasn't seeming like a great Christmas until her parents surprised her on Christmas Eve with her best Christmas present ever--a real, live baby doll: her little sister Verna.

Verna turns 90 on Friday.

It's kind of hard to believe. She looks amazing for 75, let alone 90. She actually doesn't really seem to have aged much since she was 75. When I told Patty that today she said, "Well, her hair is a little lighter." If you look closely,  I guess that might be true, but not much else has changed. She's having a party on Friday and Kay suggested this year she get a portrait she could give to everyone for a Christmas gift. Michael and I crashed the senior center lunch and bingo this afternoon to set up some lights and tried to get her a picture she liked. (This wasn't really a hard task because I don't think she would have told us she disliked anything! She's pretty easy to please.) It was nice to visit everyone and remember Grandma--the two were always together. Patty tried to recount all the trips the two went on Hawaii to Europe to Asia and everyone in between. Some of the others remembered Israel hanging out there with Grandma before he started school. Not a bad way to spend a holiday afternoon.

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