Christmas Ornament Making

 I made little wooden runner sleds for all the kids' ornaments this year.

I always assume this will be a much quicker process than it actually is. Once we (Azia usually helps) start assembling things I remember that we know an awful lot of little kids. I think we made 39 of these this year.

 We got off to a good start and began by cutting down the little popsicle sticks, which is actually much more difficult than it seems.

Azia was cutting them up with my craft scissors and I left her upstairs to go find the drill so we could put holes in the handles before we started gluing everything together. And then at some point while I was distracted finding other supplies Azia got tired of the cutting and came downstairs and somewhere in the middle of this was where the breakdown occured where my super strong scissors were left unattended and Lex discovered them.

He massacred my sectional in my office.
This gives you the idea, even though its only about a six-inch chunk and he attacked both sections of the entire couch.
 And actually, I didn't even notice this immediately because when I came back into the living room he was already back downstairs and what I noticed first was that he'd fringed his little boxer-briefs--all the way around the waistband and each leg hole. He also cut his own version of the flap in the front. Luckily he has very good fine motor control. Many kindergartners don't have such advanced scissor skills. Unfortunately after my couch was destroyed I didn't much feel like appreciating his skills. I also didn't feel like finishing my projects so I switched to a different holiday project.

 I didn't get everything in the mail by the end of the week like I was planning, but over the weekend I did finally go back and finish them all.


Hanging to spray with varnish.

The drying contraption I rigged up to keep all the spray painting out of my house! And this is after I mailed all the ones that weren't local.
 I think I liked last year's reindeer a little more, but these didn't turn out too bad.

 And, I think they did all make it where they needed to go before Christmas.

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